Thursday, January 7, 2010

End of Year Report from the Head Teacher Catherine

Happy New Year!

The 2009 school year was a great success, beginning on January 5th and ending on November 30th. In the course of the year, two long-term teachers left for other positions and careers, Madam Ummi and Mr. Musa. We were sad to see them go, but we replaced them with two wonderful new teachers Madam Malemba and Mr. Omar. With the OLPC grant, we hired a new teacher, Mr. Onesmus, to replace Madam Anita who was promoted to computer teacher. We have our most competent and committed teaching staff yet! We finished the year with a total of 231 pupils taking the final exam.

Here are just some of the exciting things that happened at VJS in 2009.

Student selection of a new board of prefects

Introduction of award pins to be worn by the top scoring student each term

Strengthening of parent-teacher relationships through termly parent-teacher conferences

Strengthening the level of teaching by working with teachers on ways to overcome weaknesses


Our academic targets were achieved. VJS performance is well above average – most classes scored at the top of the Shariani Zone.

Computer classes were introduced to Class 4 and 5 this year through the OLPC grant. The students are very excited!

Electricity was hooked up to the school, also through the OLPC grant. This will mean many exciting things in the future!

The teaching staff received more development from the Ministry of Education this year. Many teachers attended workshops and seminars on new curriculums, and two teachers even traveled to Rwanda for the OLPC computer training!

The students participated in many extracurricular activities – interquiz competitions with neighboring schools, a district girls football tournament, camping for the Brownie’s troop, a school field trip to the law courts in Mombasa, and many Stay Alive drama presentations.

We introduced extra reading time and a handwriting class for students who were struggling with the basics. This has boosted the performance of the remedial students greatly!

Many teachers began their bachelor’s or master’s degree work this year.


Lack of sufficient school buildings. There are no administrative buildings and too few toilet facilities

With more resources, the teachers could offer more exams and quizzes to the students.

More teacher rewards would help motivate the teaching staff.


Parents need to become even more involved in their children’s education. The right to education for a child should be explained so parents understand the importance of children coming to school every day, on time.

The school can introduce monthly exams to further prepare students.

Build an administrative building, and a temporary class to house religious classes, where students are broken into two groups.

Hire a floating teacher to assist with workload of teachers as we add more classes every year.

Thank you to all from distant places who support VJS. In every way, the school continues to be central to lives of so many.

Catherine Munga

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