Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stay Alive Competition

The first annual Stay Alive Inter-School Competition was held at Vutakaka Junior School on March 20th, 2009. Stay Alive is an EAC sponsored HIV/AIDS education program. With four participating schools, more than 250 students aged 9-14 receive classes on HIV/AIDS through the Stay Alive program. Head CHW Mohamed Said and Standard 1 class teacher Saade Mohamed are the faculty coordinators for the Stay Alive group and led the team in the annual inter-school Stay Alive competition!

Vutakaka Junior School hosted the festivities. In attendance were students from Vutakaka, Mkwajuni Primary School, and Takaungu Primary School. Unfortunately, Vuma Primary School were unprepared for the event and therefore did not compete. Students from the surrounding schools met at Vutakaka at 9am along with our experienced adjudicator Mr. Chirou and our guest of honor, EAC-Kenya board member George Odhiambo.

In preparation for the competition, the students practiced their own songs, poems, and skits about HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol use, and the rights of children. The day began with the three schools delivering poems and songs, and ended with some informative, hilarious and thoughtful skits. Performances were done by individuals and groups that demonstrated their understanding of the importance of these issues in their lives.

Mkwajuni Primary School had one of the funniest skits. Though Vutakaka Junior School was well prepared and used great props, Takaungu Junior School was judged the 2009 Stay Alive winner. They received the Stay Alive trophy, which they will hold until next year’s competition. The day ended with juice and snacks for the students, and a lunch for all the participating teachers and distinguished guests. Takaungu Primary School students walked home singing and holding their trophy high.

While the EAC’s own Vutakaka students were upset at receiving 2nd place, they vowed to work hard throughout the year preparing for next year's competition! We were honored to host the local schools and are looking for more ways to bring together the students and faculty and to support the public school system.

1. Stay Alive students waiting for event to begin
2. EAC faculty Stay Alive team with trophy
3. Vutakaka Girl Guide performs a poem
4. Takaungu students song and dance
5. Mkwajuni students first skit