Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome to the Vutakaka School blog!

Dear Future Sponsor:

The Vutakaka Junior School in Takaungu, Kenya opened its doors in January of 2004, offering nursery level classes for 60 children. In 2005, due to extreme demand for quality education in the area, we expanded our school to include a 1st grade class. Every year since, we have added an additional class of 30 students. Today we offer kindergarten through 5th grade cases to over 175 pupils.

We are thrilled with the progress our students are making and know with the completion of our school these children will have the necessary skills and education to continue on to quality secondary and tertiary programs. Unlike other schools in the Kilifi District which have upwards of 200 students in a single class, the Vutakaka Junior School maintains small class sizes and adequate resources and classroom materials. Each student is provided with textbooks and all teachers receive continuing education.

Last year, with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the EAC acquired a 6.5 acre plot for a new school near our current site. With the generous help of our donors we have built three new classrooms on the land and are very excited to continue construction with the help of additional funding. Our goal is to raise the $20,000, needed for the construction of two new classrooms by the end of next year.

In the meantime, classes are moving forward and the students of Vutakaka continue to rely on your generous sponsorship. Your donation of just $285 will fund one student’s education for a full academic year. This donation covers the cost of school fees, a complete uniform, shoes, books, school supplies, a lantern (to study with at night), a backpack, comprehensive health care services, and a nutritious daily lunch.

Research has shown that when girls are educated they marry later, have fewer children and higher incomes. The general nutrition and health of everyone in the community improve, and the risk of contraction of HIV is reduced. We are proud that our school is not only increasing the opportunity for education, but providing the highest quality education available in our area. The EAC is confident that given the opportunity, these children, boys and girls, will be agents of change in their communities for generations to come.

Thank you for helping the EAC save lives, build bright futures, and transform communities.

Emma Nierman

Director of Education Programs