Wednesday, December 9, 2009

VJS Students participate in World AIDS Day!

The East African Center’s Nurse, Community Health Workers, Health Education team, and teachers participated in two AIDS awareness days this week, in celebration of World AIDS Day this year.

On the 1st of December, the EAC participated in a district-wide World AIDS Day celebration in Chonyi, a very rural area in Kilifi District that does not have adequate healthcare coverage. The EAC partnered with the Ministry of Health, Red Cross, USAID, Scope, and many other local organizations to hold a celebration filled with speeches, music, dance, and drama at the District Officer’s compound in Chonyi village. The day began with a large procession filled with drums and signs, bringing many local residents to the site of the celebration. At the event, Vutakaka Junior School’s (VJS) students performed a play about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. There were testing stations set up to test for HIV/AIDS and speeches by people living with HIV/AIDS. Everyone in attendance agreed it was a wonderful, informative day!

On Friday the 4th of December, the EAC held our own AIDS awareness day to bring the information and testing specifically to Takaungu. The Vutakaka Community Center was filled with balloons and informative signs, and music was provided by a local DJ. The day included speeches, a drama by the VJS students, a dance by the adult education class, and a quiz with prizes at the end of the day.

Our Head Nurse, Valerian (far right), and his assistants tested 55 individuals throughout the day, and all in attendance received information about HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, and treatment. The day was an enormous success, and the EAC is extremely proud of the staff for working so hard to pull it off. Thanks to Krystle Dowling for a great job organizing the day!