Sunday, October 17, 2010

From 6th graders Muttaquina Salim

My School

Our school is called Vutakaka Junior School. It is located in a village known as Takaungu. Our school has a spic and span environment. Pupils are always smartly and colorfully dressed. The routes which pupils pass through have beautiful flowers planted and these make the school look smart. The teachers are always kind and fair. The head teacher, Madam Catherine, is a very hardworking teacher. She always talks to us during assemblies and encourages us to work hard and be famous people like our president.

We always go to school earlier than usual. We get in classes and read before the teacher arrives. When the teacher comes, he sees the class arranged and pupils reading seriously. We then go out for collection. We collect all the garbage until the land is left bare with not even a paper of a sweet left.

After collection, we usually go to class and the teacher calls the register. We learn a lot and share ideas. We learn about the world and our country Kenya. English is the subject which the majority of the pupils like. They speak well, like Queen Elizabeth. Our teachers tell us to study hard and use the old adage “look before you leap.”

The memory of our class teacher will linger longest in my mind. She has a steadfast love for us all in school. She is for sure a great teacher. She always tells us the reality that the only parameter of success is hard work and dedication. When she hears that we are the best in the zone she erupts into joy and jubilation like hot magma. She breaks into songs and dance and she gives us a golden trophy.

When she enters our class, she always says “Disciplined pupils should not surrender to despair. The undisciplined pupils are passing clouds that will fade from the sky. Each pupil should not allow them to break their hearts. They can kill the disciplined pupils physically, but you should remain strong in soul, mind, and character and serve your fellow pupils faithfully.”

Early in the morning she usually speaks to us seriously. She teachers us two subjects: English and Social Studies. We always pass the two subjects and find we are the best in the zone. We always smile appreciatively exposing a set of pearl white teeth, thinking “for sure I have never before learned in such a blooming, great school.”

After the end of year exams we always have a trip to enjoy. We go for pleasure and for further exploring Our school is visited by foreigners often. We have many other clubs like games, quiz, debate, and agriculture. I really like my school like the way I like my parents.

- Muttaquina Salim