Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Close of School Day

Another semester has come to a close and we sent the students off with a bang! Attended by parents and other members of the community, the celebration started with a performance by the drama club! The play, "Multiple Choice" was written by three interns from The New School in New York and directed by our primary school teacher Mr. Sanga. All their hard work and practice paid off because the play was well received by the other students, their families and the community members attending the event.

Next, a group of students performed a local Giriama dance and one of our adult education students recited a powerful play about the challenges and importance of educating girls in Eastern Kenya. A local karate group demonstrated their skills for the audience. Before the student achievement awards were announced, the volunteers and interns performed a dance they choreographed for the students to a popular song in Kenya, "Anita". The volunteers and interns had been working with the students for months through the school and health center and were happy to make them laugh on their last day of school!

Class test results were announced and the top 3 scoring students and the most improved student from each class were called to the front to be recognized and given a prize. Their scores and averages are competitive with some of the best schools in Kenya and far surpass the scores of students in the local public school. We hope to be able to reach out to more of the community as the school grows and offer as many students the opportunity to take advantage of this education as possible.

To end the day's events, Vutakaka's new Girl Guide (Brownie) club performed an induction and flag raising ceremony that was lead by two representatives from the Mombasa Girl Guide chapter. Girl Guides "offers girls and young women opportunities to learn and develop as people and to participate fully in the welfare of their communities". The representatives attended our close of school event and remarked how impressed they were with the school, the teachers and the students. We feel fortunate to be able to offer this group of girls this opportunity!

As the close of school day ended, parents thanked teachers for their influence in their child's life and the EAC for bringing this school to their village. We here at Vutakaka thank you for making it possible and continuing to support these students as they work to expand their opportunities through education and by getting involved in school organizations. See you September! View more photos in our Close of School Day photo album.

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